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Indonesian Association
for Suicide Prevention

The annual INASP Conference will be held in September 2023, and we are looking for new research, ideas, and interventions from all suicide prevention stakeholders. More details to come, leave your email below if you would like to be updated.  

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Key Suicide Statistics

Underreporting Rate

> 750%

Actual numbers at least 4.03x official numbers

 2020 data according to Onie et al., in prep

Adjusted Suicides per 100,000 Population

1 Death

Range: 0 - 7 deaths per 100,000 per Province

Note, National and WHO estimates may differ

Adjusted Attempts per 100,000 Population

15 Attempts 

Range: 1 - 81 attempts per 100,000 per province

Data is derived from the 2018 Potensi Desa Survey


About Us

The Indonesian Association for Suicide Prevention (INASP) was established in 2022, following a situational analysis as part of the first national suicide prevention strategy led by our founding President, Dr. Sandersan (Sandy) Onie. This project, done in collaboration with the Directorate of Mental Health from the Ministry of Health and WHO Indonesia, revealed two key findings. The first was that due to the absence of quality research, many suicide prevention efforts in the country were not data driven with many efforts only copying what was done overseas despite clear differences in culture. Secondly, that suicide prevention efforts were scattered, uncoordinated and highly repetitive. Given the large, and multifaceted nature of the issue, no single individual or organization can improve Indonesia’s suicide condition. Thus, INASP was established, supported by the Emotional Health for All Founation, to tackle these two issues.

President: Dr. Sandersan (Sandy) Onie

Vice-President: dr. Damba Bestari Spkj


  1. To be a network connecting multi-sectoral suicide prevention stakeholders and efforts within and from outside of Indonesia

  2. To conduct high quality, globally recognized, and collaborative research to allow for data-driven interventions and policy

  3. To determine national priorities for research, prevention, implementation and policy to allow for a cooperative approach between stakeholders


2030 Goals: 

  1. Establishment of a suicide registry allowing for timely and accurate reporting of suicide data 

  2. For suicide attempts to be covered by universal healthcare 


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